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    • Chaila
      Chaila uploaded the file Clayton Lied About Sec. 132
      Discrepancies surrounding the supposed section 132 revelation. 
      • admin
        An overview of LDS temple practices; their history and why they contradict scripture.
        • admin
          admin uploaded the file Baptsms for the dead - Scriptural analysis
          This document contains numerous scriptures, primarily from the Book of Mormon, that contradict the LDS doctrine on baptisms for the dead.
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            admin created the group Contributors
            A group for those who wish to contribute new files.
            • admin
              admin uploaded the file An argument against polygamy
              The Book of Mormon makes it clear it is an abomination. This document shows why the scriptures and God's laws do not support polygamy. It also covers some of the excuses the LDS church has used to justify polygamy and why they do not work.